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5 Reasons to Visit Yellowstone This Spring

5 Reasons to Visit Yellowstone This Spring

Written by: , January 12th, 2024
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Yellowstone in Springtime

With more than two million acres to explore and countless adventures to be had, Yellowstone National Park is a fantastic vacation destination any time of the year, and spring is no exception! Our campgrounds and lodges start to open from late April to early June, so this is the perfect time to pack the car or gas up the RV and head to one of America’s most loved national parks for a long weekend escape or a longer getaway.

Here are five great reasons to visit Yellowstone National Park this spring.

Bighorn sheep mom and baby

1. It’s prime time to discover park wildlife such as wolves and bears.

Embark on the Spring Wolf and Bear Discovery package, where you can join a Yellowstone Forever naturalist guide for early-morning trips into the park’s Northern Range to look for bears and wolves. During the day, while you hike through their habitats, you’ll learn about these creatures’ behavior and conservation. Wolves give birth to average of five pups in April after a gestation period of 63 days. Their young emerge from den at 10–14 days. The pack then remains at the den for three to ten weeks. Grizzlies give birth in the winter to 1–3 cubs. Most bears have left their dens by early May. Females with cubs typically remain within 1.86 miles (3 km) of their dens until late May.

2. You’re likely to spot baby animals.

As the park awakens after a long winter, our animal families begin to grow. In May, you may catch a glimpse of baby bison, elk, bighorn sheep lambs, and bear cubs. You might even see a baby pronghorn antelope! Here’s some of the highlights of where to spot animals in the park: black bears (Lamar Valley), bison calving (Lamar Valley), chorus frogs (wetlands throughout the park), elk calving (Mammoth Hot Springs), grizzly bears (roadside meadows), moose calving (Lamar Valley), pronghorn calving (Lamar Valley), ruffed grouse drumming (conifer forests), and wolf pups emerge from dens (Lamar Valley).

Bison calf

3. It’s a great time to make a lodging reservation.

As summer lodges within the park begin to fill up, there are typically availability over the first week or so after opening, so this is the perfect time to reserve a room! Check out our lodges here and choose from historic landmarks, hotels, inns, cabins, and rustic lodges.

Lake Yellowstone Hotel in the evening

Lake Yellowstone Hotel at dusk

4. If you like a more “intimate” experience, spring is a great time to visit.

Springtime is a perfect season to plan your visit if you prefer a few less people than what peak season brings. Visitation in April and May is low to moderate. Most facilities open during the month of May – check out the full list of National Park Service facility opening and closing dates for more details. By Memorial Day weekend, all roads in the park are open.

Double rainbow seen from Lower Mammoth

5. There’s an abundance of spring tours and packages to choose from.

Spring is a great time to take part in a tour or package in Yellowstone! If you’re bringing the family along, check out the Yellowstone For Families package, with adventures that are perfectly suited for kids aged 8-11. For a great overall park experience try our five-day Total Yellowstone package. See the full listing of all our spring packages here. Our daily adventures begin mid May and offer an array of tours from photography, wildlife watching, geyser gazing, and more.

Lamar River

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