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When You Can Brag That Your Life Is Better Than A Vacation

When You Can Brag That Your Life Is Better Than A Vacation

Written by: , August 31st, 2018
Categories: Working

A visit to Yellowstone National Park is a bucket list item on its own. However, when you’re coming to a national park that’s millions of acres in size, a mere visit is barely enough time to scratch the surface of what Yellowstone has to offer. So, what’s the best way to check everything off your Yellowstone National Park bucket list? Hire on as a seasonal employee with Yellowstone National Park Lodges!

Imagine being able to tell your friends and families that you live and work in the world’s first national park. When you come to Yellowstone for a seasonal job, there is an endless amount of incredible, one-of-a-kind experiences to be had.

Read on for some tips on what to embrace in order to make the most of your time in Yellowstone. Then you will be able to testify to family and friends that your life truly is better than a vacation.

  • Embrace your community: Live for your location
    • People that work seasonally love being able to call a national park home, even if it’s only for a few months. They love finding a sense of community and belonging with others who also take pride in being ambassadors to the national parks they work at. But it is the sense of community formed with your roommates and co-workers on location that really forges bonds and creates memories that last a lifetime. Read how one group of “Yellowstone Savages” formed friendships and memories while working in this special place that lasted a lifetime.

  • Embrace your attitude: Live for your positive side
    • It can be easy to become jaded working in Yellowstone. The hard work, remote location, homesickness, occasional rude customers, etc. can all wear on you over a season. We’ve noticed that employees who do their work with a smile on their face and who find the positive side in all situations tend to enjoy their work more and are more enjoyable to be around.
      Read about how some of our employees made the most of their experience with a positive, contagious attitude.

  • Embrace your strong work ethic: Live for your time off
    • Yellowstone receives over four million visits throughout the year. The majority of these visits come during the summer. The work in Yellowstone is not always easy. A commitment to service and high levels of performance are a must. Yellowstone employees understand this and that makes their time off that much sweeter. Read about how one of our employees makes the most out of her lunch hour. On nights or weekends off, many of our Yellowstone employees make the most of this free time by taking advantage of the Yellowstone Co-Op Employee Recreation Program (YCERP).

  • Embrace your adventurous nature: Live for the off-season
    • Those that come to Yellowstone National Park to work typically have an appetite for adventure. Armed with big ideas and some money in their pockets, they set off to various corners of the planet during the “off-season.” If you’ve got a craving for adventure in Yellowstone and beyond, consider applying for a job next summer. When you live and work in a national park, the opportunities for adventure and exploration are virtually limitless. If you want some inspiration, check out where some of our Yellowstone staff vacation and volunteer in the off-season.

Why only visit a national park on vacation when you could work here? Consider adding “living in Yellowstone” to your bucket list.

Want to experience Yellowstone in-depth? See what makes Yellowstone National Park a great place to work for a season or longer!